Project 1: Researcher

The experience working in this role for this project was interesting as it was my first time being a researcher making me feel pressure to deliver to the group. Despite this, I enjoyed discovering information about a new topic. As part of my role, I was looking into different topics, seeking credible sources and accurate statistics so the information was the best for the overall outcome at the end of the project. However, in working as a team, much could have been improved. The communication from our project manager was poor and it was difficult to know where we were within the project and its progress. Our content creator also did not communicate properly, and their work was not the quality it should have been and were sent on the morning of submission despite having plenty of time to complete. Most of the process could have been improved, as shortly after starting, the project manager’s communication was not what it should have been, and the meetings did not run as smooth as they should have done so more organisation and planning will be needed for the next project to make sure the same thing does not happen again. Despite the difficulties, the end product was something we were all pleased with and reflected the hard work of those who were involved. Regarding my overall performance during the project, I communicated regularly even after my task was completed to ensure everyone was on track to make the deadline and so we would have ample time to write up our blog posts. Moreover, I remained organised, completing all the tasks that I was responsible for, attending the tutorial and group meeting and working hard to make sure this project was the best it can be, reflecting the hard work that was put in. The skills needing to improve during this module, is getting into a routine with the other members of my group, not leave some things for longer than they should whilst trying to work with schedules so that the process will be less hectic and stressful, and things are not left until the last minute again. I would also like to talk more to the members of my group, and to meet more often so we stay in sync with each other and do not get confused as to where everyone is at in the project’s process.

The Infographic:

My Research:

This is the link to the references of some of the websites I looked at when gathering my research.




1st year at the University of Winchester, studying Media, Communications and Advertising

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Emily Jones

Emily Jones

1st year at the University of Winchester, studying Media, Communications and Advertising

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