Project 2: Product and Dissemination

My role involved me recording the voice for the podcast and editing it to an appropriate audio standard as laid and length as laid out in the project brief. I made sure the story was presented in an imaginative way appropriate to the audience, have the audio recording saved in the correct size and format and deliver the finished project in a timely manner to the Project Manager. Although this role gave me good and useful experience in a role which I have never done before, it was stressful in having the most responsibility and things to do but was satisfying to see our group’s finished work at the end knowing our hard work had paid off.

Working as a team:

Within our group, everyone worked well and completed their tasks, on time and to an excellent standard. Despite having pushbacks due to uncontrollable circumstances, we worked through those issues and completed the work to an appropriate standard. Our project manager created a work schedule during the first group meeting outlining tasks, so we knew where we were.

The finished media project:

Once completed, we were pleased with how the process went as although we faced some issues, we were able to push through them. The recording of the audio for the podcast went well and we were able to complete the task without experiencing any difficulty and everyone was satisfied with the quality of the audio so I could proceed to the editing stage. Once the editing was completed, we were happy with the finished project and satisfied it met the criteria with an original audio recording, found sounds, music, a catchy title and a brief history of the invention of the Tamagotchi which was given to me by our researchers.

What could have been done differently:

Through the process, we experienced some issues, although these were out of our control. Before we had the chance to record the audio, our project manager was indisposed for a short period of time, which meant we had to rebook the room to record and reschedule the date so everyone required could attend the recording. What could have been done differently is producing a back-up plan, so that if one of our group members were to become indisposed, we have another member as a reserve so that if we were to experience that issue, we would be prepared.

Working on the project:

Working on the project:




1st year at the University of Winchester, studying Media, Communications and Advertising

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Emily Jones

Emily Jones

1st year at the University of Winchester, studying Media, Communications and Advertising

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